The AA Flow-Thru Pilots Coalition has 2 goals:
1.  To defend the FTPs vested and bargained​ for positions on the AA Seniority list from attack by the other parties during the SLI process.

2.  To have the Flow-Through Pilots time spent flying as regional jet Captains at AMR count toward Length of Service (LOS) at AA, the same as other AA pilots who have transferred to AA from other airlines. There should be no Flow-through Pilot who is paid less per hour for doing the same job than any pilot junior to him on the AA System Seniority List.

The Facts

Former American Eagle Captains that have transferred to American Airlines via Letter 3 / Supplement W (L3/SW) are paid $14,000 - $94,000 less annually for flying the same equipment than AA pilots of lower seniority who have also transferred to AA from other airlines or have been hired off the street.  
These Flow-through Pilots (FTP)s have worked under AMR for decades longer than pilots that worked at other carriers and those that will be merged from USAir, yet they are and will continue to be paid less for doing the same job, unless APA tries to change that.

The sad fact is that APA is making no such effort, and have made it clear they have no intent on doing anything to help fix these inequities.   

DFR Action - Judge Seeborg Denies APA’s Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Reconsideration

On September 16, 2016 Judge Seeborg ruled in the AAFTPC’s favor by denying the APA’s Motion for Reconsideration.  This was after he had already made a ruling denying APA's motion to dismiss.

In short the FTP’s will get their day in court, something the APA apparently really does not want to have happen.

AA Flow-Thru Pilot Defense Fund
For the Flow-Through pilots to defend their vested rights, they need to have competent legal representation, and need to collectively pay for that representation.  In short, we have to show all concerned that the Flow-Through pilots are ready, willing and able to defend their rights in and out of court, and that our positions on the AA seniority list will not be taken without a fight. 

What are the AA Flowthru Pilots Coalition Goals

AA Flow-Through Pilots shall be paid the same as all other AA pilots of equal status who have also transferred to AA from other airlines.

APA's Breach of its Duty of Fair Representation (DFR)
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AA Flow-Thru Pilots Coalition

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​​​The annals of labor law read:  “A union breaches its duty of fair representation when its conduct toward a member, or members of the designated unit is arbitrary, discriminatory, or in bad faith.”

The following charts depict the LOS pay treatment affecting AA Flow-Through Pilots, versus TWA Flow-Back Pilots resulting from the APA negotiating for one group, and not the other.
It is important to remember that both the Flow-Through, and the Flow-Back pilots were both represented solely by ALPA before and during the time that they flew for American Eagle, and that being the case, both pilot groups should have been treated equally as pilots on the AA seniority list.  The fact is that APA had no legal reason, nor excuse, to negotiate for one group over the other.
 The Coalition believes that there is strong evidence to support the fact that the APA negotiated exclusively for the Flow-Back pilots to receive additional LOS credit, and at the same time, the APA intentionally refused to negotiate for the Flow-Through pilots to receive that same LOS credit.
The final result of APA's “handy work” is indisputable: