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AA Flow-Through Pilots shall be paid the same as all other AA pilots of equal status who have also transferred to AA from other airlines.

AA Flow-Thru Pilot Defense Fund

If the Flow-through pilots are to defend their rights, they need to have competent legal representation, and will need to collectively pay for that representation.  In short, we need to show all concerned that the Flow-through pilots are ready, willing and able to defend their rights in and out of court, and that our positions on the AA seniority list will not be taken without a fight.

To that end the Flow-though Coalition has retained the Law Offices of Christopher Katzenbach to represent the Flow-through pilots’ interests.  Mr. Katzenbach is a highly respected and experienced attorney specializing in labor law and specifically in DFR issues.  Additionally, the coalition has established a bank account and is requesting and accepting donations through the AA Flow-through Pilots Legal Defense Fund to pay for these legal services.

We are looking for a $20 monthly contribution from every Flow-through pilot, which would pay for our projected legal fees for the rest of the year.  Any larger amount or lump sum donation would of course be helpful.  Please note that each of the Flow-through Coalition directors and several other pilots have already donated over $1,000 each, several much more.  Every Flow-through pilot should contribute, and those that choose not to are simply deriving the benefits of representation by free-loading off the others.  In keeping with our desire to operate with complete transparency, a list of contributors and non-contributors will be published on the website. 

AA Flow-Thru Pilots Coalition

These funds will be used solely for the purposes of legal defense of the AAFTPs as directed by the AA Flow-Thru Pilots Coalition.

If we deem that further legal expenses will not be required, any surplus funds will be returned to the donors proportionally based on initial contribution.

 How Can you Contribute

 Contributions can be made by sending a check

 made out to:

 Or you can make a contribution by PayPal or

 any major credit card by clicking the button



Contributions should be a tax deductible expense for most AA pilots.